Jan Anderson - Hiawatha Volunteer Hall of Fame - 2019 - 2020

2019-20 Hiawatha Volunteer Hall of Fame

Jan Anderson has been a tremendous asset to the entire school community at Hiawatha Elementary. She retired from our building a few years ago, and now as a volunteer she continues to convey to the students how important it is to be Ready, Kind and Responsible. Jan works with both small and large groups of students on a weekly basis, and also helps out in the school library. Jan has helped tutor students who are struggling, worked to extend children's learning and also has helped to train teachers and students in the area of technology. She doesn't mind sitting with kids to help them finish up missing work, assist with testing or help groups of students with whatever they are working on. Jan also enjoys sharing stories with classrooms full of kids. Her passion and commitment to students and their education is obvious to all, and it is also an asset to have a volunteer who is known and loved by the entire school staff. Another thing Jan does is she works closely with New Covenant Church. Jan and her church have helped set up luncheons, provided treats and gifts for staff and also have assisted families in need though the HACAP Food Pantry and other avenues. We here at Hiawatha all LOVE Jan and congratulate her on receiving the Hiawatha Elementary Outstanding Building Volunteer....she truly deserves it!

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