Raku Art

Raku Art



The Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio located here in Cedar Rapids has provided our first through fifth grade students the exciting opportunity to learn and participate in Raku clay. Many teachers and staff also joined in on the fun!

Each child created a pinch pot out of specialty raku clay in their art specials class. The Raku clay is a more porous clay that is able to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or breaking. The Ceramics Center provided our school with all the clay and glazes needed for the Raku firing process. They came out to the school once the pots were ready and brought 3 outdoor Raku kilns and all the other equipment necessary. They spent 3 full days demonstrating the exciting firing process which brought the student’s clay to 1200 degrees. After the firing the clay goes into another container with shredded paper and wood chips with a sealed lid. Fifteen minutes later the clay is removed and cooled in a tub of water and transferred to flat storage containers with sand and water where students did the final scrubbing. The pots turned out amazing! The “magic” glaze gets its name from the beautiful copper, cobalt blue, green and even reds that emerge after the reduction fire. The students were more than impressed with their pots!

A huge thank you to The Iowa Ceramics Center and glass studio for providing us all with an amazing and memorable experience!

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